Wheat Harvesting at Venkateshwara Agro F
Agro Farming

Farming is growing crops or keeping animals by people for food and raw materials. Farming is a part of agriculture. Farmers select plants with better yield, taste, and nutritional value. They also choose plants that can survive plant disease and drought, and are easier to harvest. Centuries of artificial selection and breeding have had enormous effects on the characteristics of crop plants. The crops produce better yield with other techniques (use of fertilizers, chemical pest control, irrigation).                                                           .

While agriculture is important for a number of reasons, it is equally important for farmers and agriculture organizations to collect data. Having an understanding of the plant and to have an understanding of the type of plant that is being grown and a means to track the good, and bad, produce from seed to store. Crop rotation is a practice used in farming. It involves the planting of different seeds on the same land in different years or seasons, using a set pattern. This technique helps replace the nutrients in the soil for the plants. It also reduces plant-specific pests on the land.

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