Poultry Farming

Kadaknath is a species of chicken. The local name of this species is “blackmail”, which means the chicken with black flesh. The entire black chicken’s blood and flesh are black. It is considered as the native origin of Jhabua and Dhar districts of Madhya Pradesh and approximately 800 sq. Mile area of Rajasthan and Gujarat districts. Adivasi, local residents and poor people mostly follow these breed poultry. This bird is considered holy and after Diwali it is sacrificed to the Goddess.                                                                                                                                         


  • One day's eggplant color is blue to red and there are irregular dark stripes on the back.  

  • Although this breed is black and feels unreasonable to look, it is considered as medicinal in addition to the flavors.                  

  • Tribal people Kadanknath's blood is used in the treatment of chronic diseases of human beings and their flesh is as aphrodisiac.          

Venkateshwara egg

Particulars of Poultry Farming

Details of Poultry farming - Kadaknath Project

  • Meat and egg proteins (25.47 percent in meat) and iron are considered to be rich.

  • Body weight at 920 gms at 20 weeks.

  • Age 180 days in gestational divorce.

Vital Stats of Poultry Project

Features of Kadaknath Particulars

  • At 40 weeks egg weight is 49 g.

  • Pregnancy (%) 55.

  • Hatchability FES (%) 52.

  • Annual egg production (number) 105.