India is a developing country, 70% of the people live in rural areas and are associated with agriculture business. India is considered an agricultural country, We are aware that the humanitarian system associated with this business has evolved to a great extent. Now the Government of India is in the process of developing the country. Due Date: December 31, 2013 Venkateswara Co-operative Power and Agro Processing Ltd. was established in accordance with the laws of this Society Act, 2002. In order to enrich the farmers and raise their standard of living in this regard, the Society intends to take the first steps in the agriculture industry as a secondary business to farmers, milkweed business, goat rearing, poultry farming, cold house, poly house, flower farming and fish farming in the coming days. Is placed, We aim to achieve the holistic development of the farmers of India. Though the Board of Directors is keen to provide thousands of acres of agricultural industry through the organization by making members of the grassroots farmers of India and their small investment in the organization, we will all make a commitment to national development and social development and to make the organization bigger.


Mr. Shivaji Dole.
managing director

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